Find the inspiring Book Of One :-) Volume 1 on audio, only through Lightworker's Log. Order the seven discs as mp3 audio files and receive a password to download them. Each mp3 file can also be purchased separately. Enjoy this excerpt and know the Power we seek lies within.

The Business Of Channeling

Book Of One :-) Audios

The ethereal realms are ready and waiting to assist those ready to transform earthy life. As evidenced in the “Book of One :-) Series”, one needs only to tap into the great Source of All That Is to reach a better understanding of this unseen Force beyond human knowledge. Seek this source of knowledge to improve life as the realms on which humanity resides changes to be more in tune with the New Earth. Book of One :-) resonates strongly with lightworkers, wayshowers, and those on the path of Oneness for it holds inspiring, channeled messages and relates extraordinary events experienced by an unknowing lightworker.

Book of One :-)